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Frequency conversion water supply equipment

Frequency conversion water supply equipment

Product Details

Frequency conversion water supply equipment is a complete set of water supply equipment that is directly connected to the municipal pipe network without affecting the municipal pipe network. On the basis of variable frequency and constant pressure, the equipment superimposes the pressure of the municipal pipe network and the pressure of the lifting pump to make the domestic water supply more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is an ideal replacement product for the traditional secondary water supply. The equipment is composed of variable frequency control cabinet, non-negative pressure device, automatic control system and remote monitoring system, water pump unit, voltage stabilizer compensator, negative pressure canceller, pressure sensor, valve, instrument and pipeline system.

Main features of frequency conversion water supply equipment:

1) Compact structure and convenient installation. Eliminates the need for high-level water tanks and pressure water tanks, saving investment and energy saving 30-50%.

2) Fully automatic operation and unattended operation, the panel displays various working status of the equipment, various faults, and keyboard operation can be adjusted and controlled in various ways according to user requirements.

3) Constant pressure water supply, which can reliably realize soft start for the pump set, adjust the speed and turn to the power frequency when necessary.

4) Fault self-check, self-display and alarm function.

5) The protection function is complete, such as the low-level pool will automatically stop when there is water shortage, and automatically start up when the water level is restored. Integrated motor protection functions such as phase loss, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, and short circuit. The function is automatically activated when the power is restored after a power failure.

6) Other configurable functions: within 0~24 hours, you can set the timing rotation or turn on and off; auxiliary small pump and auxiliary air pressure tank; when pumping water from a well or from a pool below the pump, a vacuum water diversion tank or water diversion tank can be set up, And automatic control of water diversion, automatic shutdown when water diversion stops, and automatic resumption when recovering.

The above is a detailed introduction to the frequency conversion water supply equipment, I hope it will be helpful to everyone, if you want to know more related information, such as the difference between the small frequency conversion water supply equipment and the working principle of the integrated pumping station, etc. contact us.