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No negative pressure water supply equipment

No negative pressure water supply equipment

Product Details

The non-negative pressure water supply equipment is a pressurized water supply unit, which is composed of a steady flow tank, a vacuum suppressor, a variable frequency speed pump unit, a pressure sensor, a variable frequency control cabinet, a backflow preventer (optional), and a disinfection device (optional) ), small flow pressure holding tank (optional) and other components. The inlet pipe from the municipal pipe network is directly connected to the inlet of the steady flow tank, the outlet of the steady flow tank is connected to the inlet pipe of the pressurizing pump group after passing through the disinfection device, and the outlet pipe of the pressurizing unit is connected to the user water pipe , Supply water directly to the user’s pipe network.


1. Save equipment cost and investment, and occupy a relatively small area.

2. Clean and pollution-free. The water supply equipment system is set in a fully sealed structure, from the tap water pipe network to the faucet in the user's home. Therefore, pollutants will not enter the water supply system. The water body will not directly connect to the air, and the flow parts are made of food-grade stainless steel, so there will be no water pollution.

3. Obvious energy-saving effect. Usually the link between the equipment and the water pipe network is a direct series connection, that is, the required pressure is superimposed under the condition of a water supply pipe network pressure in the water plant, and the appropriate pressure is carried out according to the insufficient pressure. The increase in the pressure of the pipe network makes full use of the residual pressure. During the low peak period of re-water consumption, the equipment may not be operated, and obvious energy-saving effects will initially appear.

4. Simple installation. Since the non-negative pressure superimposed water supply equipment is a complete supply system, users only need to connect the inlet and outlet water pipes to use, the construction period is short, and the installation is convenient.

The above is the introduction to the non-negative pressure water supply equipment. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. I am an integrated pump station and submersible mixer manufacturer. If you want to know more about it, please contact me.