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Why are small frequency conversion water supply equipment so popular?

With the progress of society and the provision of people's living standards, people are using more and more water resources, and small frequency conversion water supply equipment for water supply has been widely used by ordinary families. Why is this kind of equipment so popular? Let's introduce it in detail below.

The small frequency conversion water supply equipment is a complete set of water supply equipment that is directly connected to the municipal pipe network without affecting the municipal pipe network. Based on the ZBH variable frequency constant pressure, this equipment superimposes the pressure of the municipal pipe network and the pressure of the lifting pump to make the domestic water supply more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is an ideal replacement product for the traditional secondary water supply. The equipment is composed of variable frequency control cabinet, non-negative pressure device, automatic control system and remote monitoring system, water pump unit, voltage stabilizer compensator, negative pressure canceller, pressure sensor, valve, instrument and pipeline system.

After understanding the components of the small frequency conversion water supply equipment, let's talk about the outstanding features of the equipment:

One: Save investment

The silent pipe is in the pump, and the product itself can be directly connected to the pipe network as a part of the pipe, thereby saving the investment cost of the pump room and control.

Two: super quiet

The unique patented technology of the mute tube pump enables the product to have advanced shock and mute functions, ultra-quiet operation, and equipment operation noise can be controlled within 40 decibels.

Three: energy saving

The mute tube pump has undergone a special modified SVP series mute submersible pump, and the company is equipped with submersible motors. The operation and management efficiency is high, which is significantly higher than that of similar companies, and it can save power system losses for users.

Four: Environmental protection and hygiene

All the flow parts of the SVP silent submersible pump selected for the silent pipeline are made of sanitary stainless steel. The submersible motor today uses the most advanced water-lubricated bearings, no grease, water lubrication, water circulation, and water cooling, which will not pollute the water quality. Comprehensive appeal, the biggest feature is ultra-quiet and less noise.