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Features and uses of integrated prefabricated pumping station

Integrated prefab pumping station, Is a new integrated pumping station with automatic collection and lifting of sewage and rainwater, which better solves various problems caused by traditional pumping stations. Now let's introduce some characteristics and application scope of integrated prefabricated pumping station in detail.

Product features: The main body is made of high-strength fiber glass fiber reinforced plastic prefabricated cylinder, and various equipment components are integrated in this movable prefabricated cylinder. The prefabricated cylinder is buried vertically and can greatly resist tearing, corrosion and other destructive forces.

The integrated prefabricated pumping station has the characteristics of small size, high efficiency, anti-corrosion, anti-leakage, and intelligence. Compared with the traditional pumping station, the amount of civil engineering is less, the manufacturing and installation period is short, and the investment can be reduced by more than half. Moreover, it is easy to install and reliable in quality. It is a substitute for the traditional concrete sewage lifting pump station. The main body is a composite winding glass fiber reinforced plastic cylinder, which is equipped with a submersible sewage pump, automatic coupling device, pipeline, valve, control system, ladder, maintenance platform, etc. According to user needs, a basket grill or crusher can be added after the water inlet pipe The type grille, with a glass fiber reinforced plastic top cover on the cylinder, is a complete set of equipment that integrates all equipment and instruments.

Scope of application: collection and transportation of sewage from living quarters or rural communities, collection and transportation of sewage from urban sewage treatment plants, collection and transportation of rainwater in low-lying urban areas, construction and transformation of municipal sewage pipe networks, transformation and expansion of old pumping stations, Pumps for water circulation and irrigation in lakes.

The above is an introduction to the integrated prefabricated pumping station. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. I am the manufacturer of the integrated pumping station. If you want to know more about the pumping station, such as integrated sewage treatment pumping station, wq submersible sewage pump, etc., please feel free to contact us.

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